Eagle Glen Players Club Membership Package 2023


One Time $299 Membership Fee


Five (5) FREE ANYTIME Rounds*

Good for member only, between 1/1/2023 and 12/31/2023
also Complimentary Birthday Round (with a paid guest)


Exclusive Member Green Fees

Rates extended for up to 3 guests

Weekend rates; as follows     

Open - 9am: Regular rates

9am - Twilight;    $80.00

Twilight - Super Twilight:   $60.00

Super Twilight - Close:    $35.00

Mon - Fri: Anytime - $50.00


Range Balls
$50 Range Key with your existing key | $40 Range Key with a new key

SCGA Membership
Official USGA/GHIN Handicap Index
SCGA Tournaments | Events | Discounts

15% off Food in The Grille | $3 Draft Beer | $4 Well Drinks
10% off Merchandise in the Pro Shop (does not include golf balls)

Other Benefits
21 day advanced tee times I 1 Hour Early Twilight Start | Monthly EGPC Tournaments

*Exclusions to Free Anytime rounds are; Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving

All for only $299.00

Please click the link below that will take you to an SCGA payment page for our club.

After the SCGA confirms payment and forwards your information to us, our Membership Chairman will contact you to give instructions on getting your EGPC membership benefits (usually can be picked up from the Eagle Glen Pro Shop) and instructions on setting up your eagleglenplayersclub.com website account (This will allow you to access our Tournament sign ups and Member Areas of the website)

Thank you



                   2023 EGPC Renewal Information

Hello Eagle Glen Players Club Members,


We would like to inform everyone on the best way to renew their EGPC/SCGA memberships for 2023.  Since the SCGA has moved their memberships to a 365 day cycle and not a calendar year cycle like we employ here at EGPC there is going to be some confusion.  We hope to do our best to clear that up right now.


We use the SCGA website and payment portal to take payments for EGPC.  The SCGA system will send out a renewal email 60 days prior to your SCGA expiration date.  For a large portion of our membership who have a 12/31/2022 expiration date, you should have received the renewal email and can renew at anytime.


For those members who's SCGA expiration date is during 2022, but would like to renew their 2022 EGPC membership prior to their renewal date we have separated those members into 2 groups. 


GROUP 1:  Those whose SCGA expiration date is 2/28/2023 or earlier


GROUP 2:  Those whose SCGA expiration date is 3/1/2023 or later


You can create an SCGA web login to see when your expiration date is.  It is on the member home page under "My Club Memberships".


For GROUP 1 above, we recommend waiting for your renewal email to come in and pay through the SCGA portal.  The email will come in prior to the end of the year and if you renew quickly we will get your 2022 EGPC Membership card  to the course on 1/1/2023 or a few days after you renew, if after 1/1/2023.


For GROUP 2 above, you can wait it out and pay through the SCGA system.  Just know that you will not receive your 2023 Membership Card with the free rounds and cannot enter EGPC tournaments until you pay.


What we recommend for group 2 so you get the full year of benefits is to send a check made out to EGPC in the amount of $299 to:

Eagle Glen Golf Club
Attn: Marc Kaplan
1800 Eagle Glen Pkwy
Corona CA 92883


We will set your SCGA and EGPC membership to auto-renew for 2023 and your Membership Card and ability to enter EGPC tournaments will be available on 1/1/2023 or soon after we receive the check, if after 1/1/2023.


I am sure there will be questions.  Head on over to the Contact Us page and pick your favorite board member to email.


We look forward to another fantastic year of golf at Eagle Glen Players Club!