EGPC Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can join?  Anyone – men, women, juniors. A great way to get a handicap or play more golf for very little money! EGPC has the best annual fee of any local club offering a full tournament schedule.

  2. Is there a waiting list or limit on the number of members for this club?  No

  3. If I already belong to another club(s), can I still join here?  Yes - many of our members belong to multiple clubs.

  4. If I already belong to another club, will joining here cause handicap or posting problems?  No. Your existing index number will be automatically tied in through the same computer handicap system (GHIN) for multiple clubs.

  5. Can joining here get me any special playing privileges at Eagle Glen?  Yes, 30-day advance tee time reservations, and the ability to play in our regular events.

  6. $185 seems expensive for 2014, will the dues go up in the future?  We'll never say never, but we try to operate with virtually no overhead and pass the benefit along to our members. Our close association with Eagle Glen management allows us to do this. (Please note this is only a $30 increase for 2014 with no reduction in benefits)

  7. Is there a deadline to join?  No. You can join at any time which covers you through December of the same year. Those joining in October through December,  enjoy the same benefits as the SCGA membership, i.e. the rest of the year and the following year.

  8. Do I need to create a Members Only Web Account?  Members must create an account to be able to login and view the members only areas of the website. You'll need one to enroll in normal events.  If you do not wish to have the most current club information, and/or don't want to play in our events, you do not need one.
    See article to create an account.

  9. What extras do I get by having a Members Only Account?  Stay current with the club happenings, get in contact other club members, and it is mandatory if you want to sign up for our monthly tournaments.

  10. Can I contact other members?  Yes, if you have a Members Only Web Account. Emails are provided on our member list. You may also Instant Message (IM) other members.

  11. How do I stay informed?  Visit the website frequently!  We also send monthly emails on all activities but the web site is always updated before the email is sent.  Our web site is ALWAYS under construction!

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